Paul Kevin Jonas Sr

Paul Kevin Jonas Sr (goes by Kevin) is the father to Kevin II, Joe, Nick, and Frankie Jonas and husband to Denise Jonas.

Mr. Jonas is the co-founder of Christ For The Nations Music, as well as an ex-pastor at a local church in the band's hometown of Wyckoff, NJ. He is also credited as the band's co-manager and founder of Jonas Enterprises.

He can be seen preaching and singing in a video for the song "I Am Amazed" preformed by him, Kevin II, and a church choir (here.) The same song, along with another ("Breath of Heaven") by Mr. Jonas can still be purchased on CD from the CFNM website today.


Most Jonas fans fondly refer to Kevin Sr as "Papa Jonas" and his wife as "Mama Jonas." Other variations of that name can be heard as well. ("Papa Creeper" being one for the way he can always be seen in the background of pictures and videos of the Jonas Brothers.)


Christ for the Nations Music
Breath of Heaven (CD)

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