Jonas Dictionary

In no particular order, this is a collection of words and phrases we fans associate with the Jonas Brothers. Updated as much and as often as it can, be sure to check back for more Jonas-y fun!

"Poned" - To "own" or "diss" someone. A word used widely by the Jonas Brothers and their fans.

"OMJ" - (Stands for "Oh my Jonas.") Is used to convey surprise, shock, happiness, and excitement. Is a play on the phrase "omg" (meaning "Oh my God") used in internet talk.

"OJD" - (Stands for "Obsessive Jonas Disorder.") A play on the term "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ("OCD,") which is a psychiatric disorder characterized by obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions. OJD is a "medical condition" in which the afflicted constantly thinks about/talks about and obsesses over the Jonas Brothers .

Team Jonas - ( An online community of fellow Jonas supporters and fans with forums, live chats, pre-sale opportunities, and giveaways.

"Awkwarddd" - Used infamously by Joe Jonas in a YouTube video.

"WTJ?" (Stands for "What the Jonas?") Used when confused. It's a play on another phrase which usually uses an explicit at the end.

Team Hilario - A fake persona band that Joe Jonas, Greg Garbo and former drummer Alex Noyes created with Nick Jonas as the "Coach."

DJ Danger - Joe Jonas' rapper persona.

Bonus Jonas - Aka, Frankie Jonas, their youngest brother.

"You know, stuff…" - Phrase used by Kevin Jonas on YouTube.

"Nick J is off da Chain" - A rap song written and preformed by Nick Jonas. Was preformed only a handful of times.

"Stud Muffin" - What Joe Jonas calls a younger picture of Nick in the Day in the Life of the Jonas Brothers short video.

"Peace, Love, and Jonas" - Phrase used by JB fans.

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