Joe Jonas

Joseph Adam Jonas was born August 15, 1989 in Casa Grande, Arizona.

He, like his brothers, grew up in Wyckoff, New Jersey and attended Eastern Christian High School.

When he was young, he never even considered a career in singing like his brother. He was all about the comedy. He wanted to star on a sketch comedy show like Nickelodeon's All That, although he has said that he had always had a love for music.

Joe’s appearance in Baz Luhrmann's Broadway production of "La Bohème" was his first one as a singer. Joe said that watching his younger brother, Nick, perform on Broadway was what motivated him to want to give musical theatre a try. Since discovering his talent for musical performances, Joe has never turned back.


After his brother, Nick Jonas', solo career as a singer had taken off, Steve Greenberg, president of Columbia records, heard Joe and his brothers singing and performing the song "Please Be Mine" written by all three. Daylight/Columbia Record decided to sign all of them as a group act.


Joe's main instrument is his voice, usually rocking a microphone and a mic stand on stage. He does, however, lend his keyboard and guitar talents in several songs ("Hollywood" and "A Little Bit Longer," etc.) His main instruments include:

  • Various pianos/keyboards
  • Various tambourines
  • Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong Signature Les Paul Junior (For the song "A Little Bit Longer")
  • Red Satin Gibson SG (Like Nick's)

Quick facts

Name Joseph Adam Jonas
Birthdate August 15th, 1989
Birthplace Casa Grande, Arizona
Current Residence Los Angeles, California
Height 5'10
Parents Denise and Paul Kevin Jonas Sr
Siblings Kevin, Nicholas, and Frankie Jonas
Hobbies Making movies, jogging and working out
Star Sign Leo



  1. "J.O.N.A.S!" (2008) TV series (filming) …. Joe
  2. Camp Rock (2008) (TV) …. Shane Gray


  1. Untitled Jonas Brothers 3D Project (2008) (pre-production) (producer)


  1. Camp Rock (2008) (TV) (performer: "Gotta Find You", "This Is Me")
  2. Aquamarine (2006) (writer: "Time for Me to Fly")


Year Show Role Notes
2008 Loose Women Guest Interview and performance
2008 Live with Regis and Kelly Guest Interview and performance
2008 American Idol Guest Performance
2008 Rachael Ray Guest Denise Jonas (Mom) appeared
2008 C-SPAN Guest Presidential Dinner
2008 The Oprah Winfrey Show Guest Interview and performance
2008 The Ellen DeGeneres Show Guest Interview and performance
2008 Dancing with the Stars (US) Guest Performance
2008 Access Hollywood Guest Interview
2008 Kid's Choice Awards Guest Won "Best Group" Award
2008 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Guest Performance
2008 The Early Show Guest Performance
2008 Jimmy Kimmel Live Guest Interview and performance
2007 Yo on E! Guest Interview
2007 What Perez Sez Guest Won an Award
2007 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Guest Performance
2007 The Ellen DeGeneres Show Guest Interview and performance
2007 Live with Regis and Kelly Guest Interview and performance
2007 Access Hollywood Guest Interview
2007 Good Morning America Guest Interview and performance
2007 Total Request Live Guest Interview
2007 New Year's Rockin' Eve 2008 Guest Performance
2007 Walt Disney Day Parade Guest Performance
2007 Early Show Guest Performance
2007 Teen Choice Awards Guest Presented an award
2007 American Music Awards 2007 Guest Performance
2007 Hannah Montana Special Guest Performance
2006 Total Request Live Guest Performance
2004 Early Show Guest Performance



  • First trip out of the country: Mexico
  • First movie seen in a theater: Homeward Bound
  • First thing he reaches for from the refrigerator: Water
  • First Job: Shoveling snow
  • First CD ever bought: a Britney Spears CD at a 7-11 gas station
  • First theme park visited: Six Flags in Texas
  • First big purchase: Nike Dunks.
  • First book ever read: Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman


  • Favorite Junk Food: Mint and Creme Oreos.
  • Favorite Drink: Orange Gatorade.
  • Favorite Actress: Natalie Portman.
  • Favorite Sport: Wiffel Ball.
  • Favorite Band: Copeland and Switchfoot.
  • Favorite Actor: Jim Carey
  • Favorite Show: Boy Meets World and Heroes
  • Favorite Food: Chicken Cutlet Sandwich with Mayonnaise.
  • Favorite Candy: Twix and Tootsie Rolls.
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Song: "Only Hope" by Switchfoot.
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Marshmallow.
  • Favorite Animal: Monkeys
  • Favorite Cereal: Trix
  • Favorite Gum Flavor: Bubblegum
  • Favorite Ice Cream Place: Pinkberry
  • Favorite Book: A Wrinkle in Time
  • Favorite Fast Food: In N Out Burger
  • Favorite Word: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  • Favorite Pizza Topping: BBQ Chicken


Out of his brothers, he is the loudest.

Joe doesn't really like coffee, but he does like some drinks at Starbucks. He likes their Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino and the Passion Tea Lemonade.

Joe is a big fan of the High School Musical movies.

His acoustic guitar is called the Black Pearl.

He once drove the tour bus and almost crashed it.

Joe's most prized possession is his hair.

He is easily scared.

Joe uses a flat-iron and Evada Control Paste in his hair.

Joe listens to Beethoven before going to bed sometimes.

According to his brothers, Joe takes forever in the shower, takes forever to get ready and the asks how he looks about four times.

Joe's favorite ice cream flavor is Chocolate Marshmallow.

His favorite color is blue.

When Joe was younger, he once got his head stuck in his tambourine.

Joe is a big fan of Penn State University college football.

He's had dreams about being chased by a giant frog and also being followed everywhere by Avril Lavigne

He says if he could live in any other past era, it would be in the 60's or 70's.

Joe sleeps on a king-size bed.

Joe (jokingly) thinks Miley Cyrus needs a straightjacket.

Joe likes pro-wrestling


Joe is known to have dated Mandy Vanduyne (the girl from the song "Mandy,") and Amanda Joy Michalka (of Aly and AJ.) He has been rumored to have dated numerous others including Chelsea Staub, Demi Lovato, singer JoJo, and an Australian model named Amelia. Joe has denied dating any of them.

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