He may not be a part of the band, but he's still a Jonas! Franklin Nathaniel Jonas was born to Kevin Jonas Sr. and Denise Jonas on September 28, 2000. Is younger sibling of Kevin, Joseph, and Nicholas- otherwise known as The Jonas Brothers. Has his own band called Webline which he says his brothers will be opening for someday.


  • Played football on a team called the Jr. Hornets. He plays center field, meaning he calls all the huddles.
  • He is a huge New York Yankees fan.
  • Favorite color is "red orange"
  • He has a role in the upcoming Disney Channel television series, J.O.N.A.S.! (Junior Operatives Networking As Spies), along side his three older brothers.

People Magazine Interview

I can't live without…
"TV, because it mesmerizes me."

"Frank the Tank. I have it engraved on a brass ring I got at Disney World."

People would be surprised to learn that…
"I already have a band. It's called Webline. I've already written a bunch of songs. It's pretty awesome.

One day…
"My brothers will be the opening act for my band."

When I'm backstage at a Jonas Brothers concert, I like to…
"Ride my scooter up and down the halls fast, and I play computer games."

The one thing you should know about Kevin is…
"He's on the phone 24/7."

The one thing you should know about Joe is…
"He does great impressions."

The one thing you should know about Nick is…
"He shares a bunk bed with me."

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