Covered Songs

The Jonas Brothers have covered several songs released on their It's About Time album, Disneymania, and more. Some songs include:

  • "Year 3000" originally by Busted
  • "What I Go to School For" originally by Busted
  • "6 Minutes" originally by LFO
  • "Poor Unfortunate Souls" originally from the Little Mermaid (for Disneymania)
  • "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)" originally from Pirates of the Caribbean (for Disneymania)
  • "I Wanna Be Like You" originally from the Jungle Book (for Disneymania)
  • "Kids of the Future" based on the song "Kids in America" by Kim Wilde
  • The Baby Bottle Pop jingle for a Baby Bottle Pop commercial
  • "We Are the Champions" originally by Queen (for the last concert on their Look Me in the Eyes Tour.
  • "So Far Away" originally by Carol King (on stage only for an "A Little Bit Longer" reprise)
  • "Hello Goodbye" originally by the Beatles (for a Target commercial)
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